Procedural Circular Animations

I always found generative art mesmerizing, so I experimented with a few JavaScript rendering libraries to create something of my own.

Click on the images to launch the real-time animations

The first one is created with the impressive rendering library PIXI.js. The other three are drawn with Two.js, which defaults to a SVG output.

▶ LMO – Motion Graphics

Art direction and animation of a teaser video for an upcoming survey report by the CIPD, which inspired the space observation metaphor.
Animated in After Effects with a lot of custom expressions.

▶ Valuing your Talent – Motion Graphics

Art direction, illustration and animation of the teaser video and engagement media for Valuing your Talent – a collaborative, industry-led movement helping organizations realize the full potential of their workforce through understanding and measuring the impact and contribution of people to business performance.
Motion graphics. Part of a larger series of animated creatives.





▶ Annie and Tibbers Ep. 1

This archived content does not reflect my current skills

A short animation I directed and animated for the guys at Machinima Realm featuring characters from the video game League of Legends. I didn’t write the script and it’s quite rushed (less than two months total) but it was very fun to animate.

Thanks to Elspeth Eastman for her great voice performance. It helped a lot shaping Annie’s hysteric personality.
Also thanks to Alex, Brett “Hundar” Hundley, Jacob Ditkoff.

The two main layouts.
Gamers should be able to spot some easter eggs I hid in the background.

Nerdy fact: the names of the four characters are Annie, Tibbers, Gangplank and Caitlyn and their initials are G-A-T-C. Genetics, anyone?

▶ 3D acting: the wrong move

This archived content does not reflect my current skills

A 3D-animated piece of acting was really missing from my portfolio. This was also the first time I animated a lipsync in Blender.
Eleven is the name of the rig. It’s open source and available for free at
The closest thing to this I had ever done was a puppeteering performance. The “rig” only had three “controllers”, and no, I couldn’t have him to blink.

Direct link: MP4 WEBM

Reference acting
Reference acting

▶ The Making of Oranguerrilla

This archived content does not reflect my current skills

This is the Making Of video for Oranguerrilla, my student film for the Academy of Art University, San Francisco. I really wanted to make this backstage video as it brings together the countless steps I went through to make my film.
Roughly, I spent 1600 hours of work on the project from concept art to the final edit, spread over two and a half years.

Direct link: YouTube Vimeo
Italian version here: [italiano]
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